So You Say It's Your Birthday!
A Social Studies WebQuest for Eighth Graders

Steve Carpenter - Fairplay Middle School


Step 1 - Pick your day! It should be easy since you should know your birthday!

Step 2 - Decide how you're going to organize your notes: outline format, note cards, lists. Use the organizer at the following link to help organize your information.

Step 3 - Use the following resources to help you locate information. You don't have to include everything, but be sure to use at least 3-5 items in each category. To help you find good information, complete the activities and exercises below.

Part I: Credible and Not Credible Sources

1. View the Powerpoint with information and answer the questions as you go through the slides. Be sure to take the time to try the examples; it will only help you with your assignments. When opening the links to the  Power Point and Brain Pop, right click on the link and open in a new window so you can  return to the webquest easier.

 link to powerpoint click here:

2. Scavenger Hunt: Students will take an interactive journey and have to determine the viability of the sources they encounter. Log on to the Scavenger Hunt file and think about the information as you go. Write down the answers to the questions you encounter on the way.

You will be given three scenarios - Choose one to complete.

3. Reflections: Finally, think about what you have seen and read and reflect and comment about how it has or hasn't changed your thinking of what sources you will use. Email reflections and answer to steve_carpenter@hotmail. com. Be sure to put your name and the  assignment title.

Part II: Search Engines and Databases

1. Video Assignment: Log on to the link in the assignment and sign up for the free trial to view the video on searching the internet. Click on the icon, "Computers and Internet", then click on the video, "Internet Search". Take the quiz and email me your results at


Helpful Links:

Step 4 - Create your graphic organizer in an interesting way so that it grabs the reader's attention both visually and graphically. Make your information concise and easy to read and understand.

Step 5 - Take any vocabulary that your reader might not know - and needs to know - and create a game or activity to help the reader remember and learn it.

Step 6 - Create a bibliography page that gives credit to your sources.
Not sure how to create a bibliography? Click on this link to complete the practice exercises. There are two assignments you will need to complete as part of your grade for this project.

Another useful help site -
Include references for graphics, images, pictures, and anything else you use that you didn't create yourself. Here are some websites that may help you.

Step 7 - Present your information to the class by sharing the highlights. Do not read your presentation but tell and share about it in your own words. You can make a Power Point, posters, brochure, mobile, video, movie, etc. - your choice.

Mr. Carpenter asks, "Are you following the steps to be sure that you don't leave anything out or forget something? Order in your work will help you be successful."