1930's Assignment

Step 1:
You will select three topics from the sites listed at the link. If you find or think of another topic of interest to you that applies to this decade, just get it approved by the teacher to use it!

Step 2:
Go to the link below and pick your topics.


Step 3:
You will write (6) questions with answers for each of the three topics you select. They cannot be yes/no questions and have to be in complete sentences.
(2) easy questions
(2) medium hard questions
(2) hard questions

That is a total of (18) questions   (6x3=18)

We wil be taking your questions and making a jeopardy review game, so make them good!
The quality of your information and questions will determine your grade.

Bad question:
1. Who played baseball in this decade?    Answer: Babe Ruth

Good question:
1. Who was known for being the greatest hitter of the deacade with the homerun record and entry in the Baseball Hall of Fame?  Answer: Babe Ruth

Any questions?  You will have today and tomorrow in the computer lab to complete this. It is due by Friday, 3/24.