Nothing But The Truth Review Questions



1. According to the original memo, what was the rule for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner?


2. Why can't Philip try out for the track team?


3. Why does Philip get suspended from school?


4. What was Miss Narwin's perception of Philip when she first met him at the open house?


5. What is Philip's plan to getting things done at school in most of his classes?


6. Why does Miss Narwin apply for a summer grant program?


7. What does Coach Jamison try to teach or impress upon Philip?


8. Why is it vital, in Dr. Seymour's opinion, to get the budget passed the second time?


9. What happens every time Philip is in Miss Narwin's class?


10. Why does Philip think he isn't passing English class?


11. What does Philip's dad always use to try and talk to Philip about his problems?


12. How does Miss Narwin feel when she doesn't get her grant?


13. Why does Philip act up in class and try to get in trouble?


14. What do Philip's parents never do throughout the whole story?


15. When Miss Narwin says that Dr. Seymour is only interested in "bread and circuses," what does she mean by that?


16. If you "beat around the bush" you are doing what?


17. What is Dr. Palleni's attitude toward Philip's behavior when he comes to his office?


18. What does Dr. Doane tell Miss Narwin that lets her know she is their best teacher?


19. What does it mean to "pass the buck?"


20. Why doesn't Philip's dad stand up to his boss at his job like he tells Philip to do?


21. What does Palleni ask Philip to do so that they can forget the whole incident?


22. Who actually suspends Philip?


23. If something is "counterproductive," what does that mean?


24. Why does Philip take the option offered him by Palleni and avoid the suspension?

25. What happens when Mrs. Malloy talks to Mr. Palleni?


26. How did Miss Narwin feel about the consequences Mr. Palleni gave Philip?


27. Why doesn't Miss Narwin do anything further with the situation herself?


28. What did Miss Narwin plan to do when Philip returned from his suspension?


29. What did Coach Jamison suggest to Philip so he could qualify for the track team?


30. Why is Ted Griffen concerned about Philip's situation?


31. What does Miss Stewart do to confirm the information the Malloy's have given her?


32. Why does Dr. Palleni send out the homeroom memo change after he told Philip he wouldn't unless he apologized?


33. What do the Malloy's think when Philip is transferred out of Miss Narwin's homeroom?


34. Why are there so many errors printed in the newspaper story?


35. Why are Philip's parents so excited about being in the paper while Philip isn't?


36. What is the Associated Press?


37. What happens when the story gets on Jake Barlow's Radio Program?


38. Why does Dr. Seymour ask for the files on Miss Narwin?


39. Why does each person change the memo written about the incident?


40. What does Dr. Doane do to try and get some more information on the incident?


41. What do Young Americans for America and the Society of the Preservation of Free Speech have in common?


42. What is Miss Narwin's response when she finds out that the story is in newspapers all across the country?


43. What attitude do the students at the school have toward Miss Narwin?


44. Once the story is out and his homeroom is changed, what does Philip say he'll do?


45. Several teachers and veterans send telegrams to Miss Narwin to express what?


46. What is the attitude of the students at school toward Philip when he returns?


47. Why does Dr. Doane move Philip from Miss Narwin's class?


48. Why is the changing of homeroom and class good for Phil but bad for Miss Narwin?


49. Where does the story take place?

50. Who was the one person at the school that always was supportive of Miss Narwin?


51. What does Philip want to do so he doesn't have to face the kids at school?


52. What is ironic about the school budget not passing?


53. Why doesn't Miss Narwin's story ever get printed?


54. What is ironic about Philip transferring to Washington Academy?


55. If a story is slanted that means it tells what?


56. If someone is blamed for the problems of others when it isn't their fault, they are considered what?


57. The American Legion is an organization made up of whom?


58. In what order are the assistant principal, principal, and school superintendent?


59. What is a theme we can learn or take away from reading, Nothing But The Truth?


60. What did you learn from looking at different news articles on the same story on the internet?


61. What is the connection between Dr. Doane and Miss Narwin?


62. How does Ted Griffen use Philip's story?


63. Where does Miss Narwin's sister live?


64. What is Dr. Seymour's biggest concern with the school system?


65. What is the biggest problem Philip and his parents have?


66. What actually causes the whole situation to start?


67. What does Philip sacrifice by not doing the right thing from the beginning?


68. Which characters were negatively affected by Philip's actions in the story?


69. They offered Miss Narwin a sabbatical, meaning she would do what?


70. What do Mr. and Mrs. Malloy never do throughout the whole story?


71. Who is never held responsible for their actions in the suspension incident?


72. Which character didn't appear to take school too seriously?



Be sure to know all the words to know from the story.