So You Say It's Your Birthday!
A Social Studies WebQuest for Eighth Graders

Steve Carpenter - Fairplay Middle School



Now that you've found out more about your date in history, listen to what your classmates have to say and see what you can learn. You should be able to remember one fact or piece of information from each classmates presentation and then be able to make inferences about different periods of time or events in history by knowing some data.

When did it seems sports were really popular?
When did the government seem to be invovled in a lot of different events?
Who was popular for a long period of time, seemed to keep coming up in presentations?
What events really had an impact in history and still do today?
Why do changes occur? Are they forced by circumstances or just happen naturally?

Be ready to participate in a class discussion about the projects overall and offer constructive criticism and praise for work well done.

Final Assignment: Answer Mr. Carpenter's question below using the correct short answer format (Catchy introduction, restate the question, three examples with details, and a conclusion that offers your opinion, a suggestion, comment, alternative, or question that leaves your audience thinking)

Mr. Carpenter asks, "Was your date in history a positive or negative day? Why?"