Scavenger Hunt

Directions:  You are going to look at three scenarios.


Read the scenario and then the questions you will be trying to answer. Each of the sites below the questions relates to that scenario. Your job is to look at the websites listed below each scenario, find the answers to the questions. (You do not have to search for any websites on your own on this project; the search words are just listed for reference so you know what I used to find those websites)


Scenario One: I want to visit Colombia, South America and I am looking for sites that will give me good travel information.


1. Is this a good site for this information? Why or why not?

2. What could I search for to make my search more specific?

3. What clues can I look for in the URLs to help me know if it is probably a good site? (in these specific sites, what are good clues)

search words: Colombia, South America



Scenario Two: I'm interested in writing a paper about hamburgers and I'm looking for some interesting facts and different information.

1. Which sites would I not find useful for my paper and why?

2. Which sites are useful and tell me one piece of information or fact I could use from each.

3. Would I want to include any recipes or restaurants that are recommended? Why or why not?

 search word: hamburgers


Scenario Three: I'm traveling in the United States for vacation on the East Coast and want to visit several amusement parks.

1. Which of the websites was the easiest to navigate and actually find the information I need for my trip?

2. What are three parks that I could visit, where are they located, and tell me one fun thing to do there.

3. Which site had to do with amusement parks but wouldn't help me at all with my trip and why.
search words: amusement parks

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